Introducing trans:form:ed, a way of re-imagining leadership development


Some of the most profound lessons I have learned in life have happened in the least expected times and places. Ironically, those learning experiences that promise to be transformative, rarely deliver on this promise. Take study-abroad courses as an example. As a MBA student, I participated in a couple of these. The format was very much the same: take between 12 and 30 students from the same location and put them through a regular course in a classroom, in another country. Nothing about this experience was different than what we would have received at home, and the only "local" experiences happened outside of classroom hours.

Through an exciting alliance, Conic and Openbox seek to change this through a program we call trans:form:ed.

The goal of trans:form:ed is to take leaders to unique locations, where we will explore topics of mutual interest that are highly relevant in the local context. Our aim is to generate the conditions for truly immersive and transformational experiences through peer-to-peer interactions.

Our inaugural 4-day program in Bogota, Colombia will take place in February 2019. We selected Colombia for several reasons. The country is experiencing a moment of redefinition — culturally, politically, technologically and economically. Colombia is attracting more attention as a global player in emerging technology, entrepreneurship and public private partnerships than ever before. In the wake of the peace accord signed by the Colombian Government and the FARC, the country is re-defining itself from the decades-long infamy as one of the most violent places on Earth to being one of the most appealing destinations for business, tourism and culture in Latin America in recent years.

The three key topics for our Colombian program are IdentityConflict and Sustainability. We will explore these topics through the prism of the current Colombian context, with the objective of generating insights, ideas and reflections of significant value for participants. Through a combination of rich experiential field visits and sessions facilitated by world-class experts, we will explore questions such as:

  • How do we continue to redefine the value that our organization creates in an ever-changing competitive environment? 

  • How do I continue to re-define my personal identity based on the value that I create for society, now and in the future? 

  • How are Colombian leaders and citizens paving a path for reconciliation after five decades of conflict? 

  • How can adversity be repositioned as advantageous for my organization? 

  • How do I address conflict in my organization in a way that leads to positive outcomes? 

  • What can I and my organization learn and adopt from sustainable practices in Colombia? 

We will continue sharing news and updates on this exciting program over the coming months. In the meantime, we invite you to check out our Splash page, and to follow our Instagram and Twitter accounts. We would also like to hear your ideas to make this program as exciting as it can be!