Bogota, Colombia // February 10 - 13, 2019

We have selected Colombia as the site for our inaugural immersion experience for several reasons. The country is experiencing a moment of redefinition — culturally, politically, technologically and economically. Colombia is attracting more attention as a global player in emerging technology, entrepreneurship and public private partnerships than ever before.

trans:form:ed will fuel conversations about topics that are particularly relevant to the local context, but that are also crucial to leaders and their organizations. For our inaugural program in Bogota, the foundational topics will be Identity, Conflict and Sustainability.

Our team developed the proof-of-concept for this program at the IIT Institute of Design through seven Strategy World Tour stops in San Francisco, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Mumbai, Detroit, Mexico City and São Paulo. These two short films, produced by our sister company Opendox, highlight some of the unique places and people that tour participants experienced in Mexico City and São Paulo.

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